while boyfriend is away to-do list

i’ve always been a fan of lists.  i like seeing everything in one place and watching the list shrink is oddly satisfying, sometimes downright addictive.
my mom likes lists and i’ve got some friends who love them as well.  however, i never knew someone so skilled in the art of list making until i met chris.  this is truly a craft that he’s mastered for not only is he good at thinking of things to put on the list, he’s even better at actually completing them.

so, with all the time on my hands these days, i occasionally turn to him for his expertise.  he’s helped me keep them to a manageable size and thinks of things i overlook or forget.
after i wasted too much time yesterday, i asked him to help me make a list for while he’s away on a family vacation. completing my airport delivery, i sadly realized that we never got the chance to do it.  imagine my surprise when i got an email entitled: while boyfriend is away to-do list.

here is what i got:

Post ad for roommate on: craigslist, yelp and roommate.com websites.
Read bible.
Weed backyard.
Lawn maintenance for end of season.
Vacuum house.
Vacuum Jack.
Happy hour with the girls.
Call Tracy and hangout.
Play Wii and set new records. Especially the golf skills challenge.
Talk with Emily about staying.
Send sweet nothings to boyfriend.
Blog a little.

i’m pretty sure he thoughtfully covered all the right things.


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4 Responses to while boyfriend is away to-do list

  1. ShelleyK says:

    That’s a pretty darn good list! Yay C-man!

  2. lissie says:

    i agree! AND, i’ve managed to complete most of it! so yay for me too! 😉

  3. Cheryl says:

    how thoughtful and how sweet……

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